March 11, 2014

Yoga & A Better Life

Has been a year since my last post kan?! OHHHHMAAAIIIGOTTTT!! A year??? Fuh! A lot of things had happened to me. Some worth mentioning, some? You don't even wanna know.. lol
I know I have to update my layout, I need to take off those pictures on my side bar (you know why) but I just don't have the time now and to be honest... I don't know how to do it. Demmit!

I'm back to home-alone teacher and kinda addicted to yoga these days. Yes, YOGA! A thing I used to think as a boring activity. But my life would feel worse if it wasn't for it. Months being alone and I could die over-thinking about stuff and all. 

I was inspired by my bestfriend Carol - I didn't tell her this but she inspired me to do a lot of new stuff! Like dressing up (in uni), having fun (uni time, weekend)  *wink*, yoga, life....... Just so you know Carol, you're crazy and that is why you're my bestfriend! lol

There's something about yoga that makes me surprise MYSELF. Things that I initially thought I won't be able to, things that I thought impossible to do.. And when I did, ahhhhh... So I can actually do it eh? 


I-don't-know-this pose

Whats-this pose

I didn't attend any yoga class and I know that I might harm myself in the process of learning a new pose. But no worries, I make sure I did enough warm up hips opener or whatever you call it before doing any extreme (?) pose. A friend, Chegu Carol on instagram told us (me and the other yogi) that we're doing POGA. Pose + Yoga.. Not really practising it, posing for a picture. Maybe it's true at certain point haha ;p

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It's private I know. My students are everywhere and I don't know if agama school students can take it.. =_=

March 08, 2013

Are you a keeper?

I just got myself a ring last month. Yeah, probably my 10th ring since 2004. Maybe more? I'm not sure but I'm not a keeper. I'm a careless person. The first ring I got was from my first love. Ya, ya ya. You know that couple ring thingy? Cheesy but I did that last time. lol. I got so excited I promised him I'll keep it till  I die or something (Did I say that? Haha. Doesn't matter, I lost it in less than 2 month!) I didn't even know how I lost it. He was upset like hell of course. The same thing happened to every relationships I had (Whooooaaaa, sounds like I had a lot? Geez! 4 is not that A LOT okay!). They got upset and bla bla... 

That's a super nice ring kan? ;p

Eh, wait! The last ring I got was from my boyfriend now. I didn't lost it. I broke it...Erkk, okay. That was his ring! I actually lost mine. My school had a camping thing and I forgot to take it before leaving. (I put it in the shower =_=).. Nah, that's the last ring I had.

Not only ring, I couldn't keep anything for too long in box. Last year, I've decided to be an animal lover (Yeah, right), so I bought two little cute (poor!) fishes. Bought a small cute aquarium, bought them nice food (to be honest, I don't even know whether it's okay to buy a colorful food for fishes). 

That's not her but... That looks like her.. Poor fish =(

My intention was super HOLY I should be sent to ANIMAL HEAVEN (okay wait, heaven with cute animal and...... human of course) for doing that. 

Is that how it looks like? @_@

Nah, my biggest worry was that I might send them to animal heaven too soon. Guess what? It DID happen! They were there for....... okay, two months! ='(

I'm not sure what happened. I feed them. I talked (?) to them. I tell them my problems...... WHAT?? Did they get tired of my dramas??? ARGHHHHHH!!!

Sigh, I don't know... I don't know how to be a keeper.. But you know, nothing last forever. maybe my 'forever' is just extra shorter than your 'forever'.

Not a keeper,