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 I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! 👄 School closed till next year and this is pretty tough both for students and teacher. I think its slightly better for us in city area and it'll be even more challenging for those in rural areas. I personally think it's okay to keep the schools open in green zone area especially in pendalaman. Teachers aren't allowed to leave stations & students can't go to school. They're basically just wasting time there. Why? People in the city have more choices. Internet coverage is good, some telco offers unlimited data on some sites/apps. It's all up to the students to whether or not they WANT it. How about the kids in pendalaman area? They don't have that kinda choices. Most of them don't even own a smart phone/laptop. Even if they do, they'll have to share with the other siblings. AND they would have to go extra miles (literally) to get a okay-la internet connection. A few months ago, on the first MCO I (Beyond Pitas) was invo

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