March 11, 2014

Yoga & A Better Life

Has been a year since my last post kan?! OHHHHMAAAIIIGOTTTT!! A year??? Fuh! A lot of things had happened to me. Some worth mentioning, some? You don't even wanna know.. lol
I know I have to update my layout, I need to take off those pictures on my side bar (you know why) but I just don't have the time now and to be honest... I don't know how to do it. Demmit!

I'm back to home-alone teacher and kinda addicted to yoga these days. Yes, YOGA! A thing I used to think as a boring activity. But my life would feel worse if it wasn't for it. Months being alone and I could die over-thinking about stuff and all. 

I was inspired by my bestfriend Carol - I didn't tell her this but she inspired me to do a lot of new stuff! Like dressing up (in uni), having fun (uni time, weekend)  *wink*, yoga, life....... Just so you know Carol, you're crazy and that is why you're my bestfriend! lol

There's something about yoga that makes me surprise MYSELF. Things that I initially thought I won't be able to, things that I thought impossible to do.. And when I did, ahhhhh... So I can actually do it eh? 


I-don't-know-this pose

Whats-this pose

I didn't attend any yoga class and I know that I might harm myself in the process of learning a new pose. But no worries, I make sure I did enough warm up hips opener or whatever you call it before doing any extreme (?) pose. A friend, Chegu Carol on instagram told us (me and the other yogi) that we're doing POGA. Pose + Yoga.. Not really practising it, posing for a picture. Maybe it's true at certain point haha ;p

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It's private I know. My students are everywhere and I don't know if agama school students can take it.. =_=


Marvin Sait Winston said...

hi risma!!!! lma sy tidak buka blog n saw this!!! hugsssss (smbl kuar air mata tharu). yeah! yoga indeed change our life. make us feel awesome jg! dulu mmg tidak sangka akn dpt jg buat pose2 bgtu kan. kita mmg hebat lah! hahahaha... sy rindu buat blog. I really miss blogging.

Marvin Sait Winston said...

astaga risma,. sy terkomen guna account marvin plak. Kantoi sy guna pc dia. hahahha ~~ Carol ni.